Public Written Works

A collection of my writing that's related to this project, but not the actual project itself. Be warned, some of its content may feature spoilers, but there will be a heads up when you get there.

Short Stories

Doc creates a robot to holographic human interpretation machine. Farqua and Matro try it out. Mildly comedic.

A scene where Farqua talks to Doc about his troubles. Set about a week after Farqua's first arrival to the building. This one's a lot more softer than my usual writing.

Character Interviews

A fun interview with the four rooftop service robots of the main cast: Matro, Doc, Farqua, and Wyra.

WARNING: Spoiler-heavy. An interview with Project: Proco's main antagonists. Some people might get a bit pissed off at times, here.


WARNING: Definitely spoiler-heavy! Learn stuff about the story of April and friends! Basically a bunch of facts that can both count as important and unimportant to the story.