Content Info

The following information is only collected from what is featured in the scripts that are currently completed.


Sci-fi, adventure, action

Target audience (age)
Probably teens. Basically just 13 and up, I guess


Coarse Language:

  • There are frequent uses of hell and crap, with words like ass and damn being close seconds.
  • On rarer occasions, there are uses of words like shit, bastard, prick, piss, etc.
  • There is also imagery in the dialogue which is obscene, especially when a character is expressing anger or frustration towards something or another character, e.g. "___ up your ass," or "___ down my/your ports" for robots.
  • There are also uses of fictional swears that are used by characters, including "gozzuck," "splubber," "schtutt," etc. to cover up for already-existing words, and for the sake of sci-fi.
  • There are NOT going to be uses of words as strong as f*ck and c*nt, however some fictional swear words share
  • their strength.

Mild Violence:

  • Usually violent activity towards robots/robotic body parts that would be considered extreme if done to a human.
  • Cases such as beheading and dismemberment are only done to robots/robotic body parts.
  • There is also content of minor injury towards organic life forms, too. The project contains no blood, as of now, however, as I'm writing this, I predict I'll include that in the future. Just a heads up.