Creation History

This is a bit like a diary.

Something I wrote in 2019

Fun fact: Not only was this project inspired by the game Cave Story, but it was also based off of this one assignment I did in 2015 that I got an E grade for! [Project: Proclo] so far has its place as being my biggest passion project of all.

I started coming up with ideas for this project in 2016. I like to call that the "Cloronve Niathea era." The main premise was basically April trying to escape the building, and only that. I wouldn't say it was anything too special. Although, some characters die every now and then, which heightens some stakes. I'd say, it was a bit messy. And so, I left it for a few years.

The story made its biggest return in 2019. I've added more to the plot including real antagonists, and recurring themes, and whatnot which have helped the story get richer as I continue to write it! I call this the "Clonerion era" and I'm happy with the direction I'm taking it, so far.

Later in 2019...

Big shame I'm putting so much effort into this one, though. This story's built for a game that will probably never exist… Or will it? I dunno. Let's just hope that future Chocco learns to make them one day. Don't wanna put all this effort to waste.

In 2020

I'm now planning on making this into a comic series! I'm currently writing the scripts for it, and organising and drawing up concepts for it in my spare time. And since the world is right now undergoing a global pandemic, forcing everyone to spend most of our time at home, plus my longer uni holidays, I've been making real significant progress!

In 2021

Just wanted to say that the "Clonerion era" is over, and we're now enterting the "Proclo era". I'm getting closer to actually getting to draw up the comic! In this phase of development, I'm planning on developing the designs of pretty much everything, at the moment. I'm also planning on really pushing myself to get more into the backgrounds, now. Wishing myself luck!