Site Update Archive

19.02.2021 - Changed the colours. Now using an image in place of the title.

13.02.2021 - Added the link to this porject's tag on my random bits of project info blog.

03.02.2021 - Added new short stories to the written works page (found in external links). Blog link in navbar links to a blog page on this site rather than directly to the external blog.

30.01.2021 - Changed up the entire layout of the site. Widened the widths and added a side column. It doesn't look that much like a shopping receipt anymore! I also changed fonts from "courier" to "consolas," though I'm not sure if it shows up as consolas on mobile... Oh well.

22.01.2021 - Added the "Public Written Works" page, which is linked to the "External Links" page.

21.01.2021 - Added the "Chapter Events" page. It is linked to the spoiler territory page. Also changed some more buttons.

19.01.2021 - Added another link to the "External Links" page.

17.01.2021 - Expanded more on the content info page. Added some more characters I forgot to mention. Also changed up some link buttons to be more visible. Not all of them have changed, yet...

13.01.2021 - Added a content info page. Also updated the "Special Thanks" page to include some important influences and inspirations. *UPDATE: Added more links and stuff. Made a future plans section on this page. Changed up link buttons to look more visible.*

10.01.2021 - Added some more pages while on my short vacation. Most important pages and stuff on this site is almost complete! *UPDATE: I've added pretty much every important page.*

08.01.2021 - Updated the layout to something a bit better. Nothing too fancy, but I like it. Thinking about adding some images sooner or later, but I think I should add the rest of the important pages, first.

07.01.2021 - This website was born.

And you've reached the bottom!